Hourly Data?

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Hank posted this 2 weeks ago

Annual Report for 2017 for M1/4414B

Section 3:

3a. peak daily flow 70,406

3b. peak daily flow date 01/10/2017

3c. peak hourly flow 1,466

3d. peak hourly flow date/time (hr ending) 25/06/2017 18:29:00

3d, has our ending "25/06/2017 18:29:00", obviously this isn't an hour ending.

Interrogating the 15-minute value shows that this is actually a 15-minute value and not an hourly value.

Can you update either the data so it matches the labels, i.e. hourly means hourly not 15-minutely or update the label so its peak 15-minute flow and peak 15-minute flow date/time ending?

Paul Watkins posted this 2 weeks ago

Agree looks odd, and the time is missing 00:00:59 (.996) on the end too. I've raised the report error with the dev team and will look into the other issue -- suspect I know where this coming from.