No Data in 2018

  • Last Post 10 April 2018
lbenedini posted this 22 February 2018

Hi - anybody knows why no count data is available from Jan 2018 on Webtris? I looked at about 10 around Birmingham and all stopped recording data in December. Tks

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Paul Watkins posted this 08 March 2018

Hi lbenedini,

Apologies for the late response here. The method for uploading data into the WebTRIS Azure platform is still a manual process from our other main server cluster. As such it's only done at the end of each month for the preceding month. It can mean the data is between 30 and 50 days late depending on when you look at things. I suspect given you looked at the end of Feb you were looking just before the upload was scheduled to go ahead for Jan. There's also a 10 day lag between the data coming from the provider to us as they run an '8 day' catch up on the data to ensure all the data has been processed completely.

It's not ideal by any means but it's the position we're in right now as the HE is going through an IT transformation -- placing WebTRIS on Azure at the time we developed it was very much ahead of the rest of the infrastructure.

Regards, Paul

Hank posted this 21 March 2018

When will February's data be loaded? On HATRIS, it was always done by the 20th of the following month to allow for the 8 day catchup and transfer it from NTIS to HATRIS.

Paul Watkins posted this 26 March 2018

Hi Hank,

It should be loaded within the next few days.


Hank posted this 29 March 2018

Finally the data has been loaded.

Why is this not happening on a specific date like it used to be?

Who is accountable for these unexpected delays?

Paul Watkins posted this 05 April 2018

Hi Hank,

There isn't a specific date as it's not an automated process because of the nature of the platform where the source data is and where the target data for WebTRIS is held. One of the supplier DBAs schedules in some time towards the end of the month for loading the data. It's entirely possible (/probable) that when the source data shifts to a similar platform as WebTRIS that it'll become an automated process on a particular day, but we're not in that position right now due to the nature of the HE IT infrastructure.

I wouldn't consider it unexpected as the window is somewhat flexible.


Hank posted this 10 April 2018

From an end-user perspective it is totally unexpected, the old website was updated from the same data source on the same day each month. WebTRIS was supposed to be an improvement on that, and yet this simple task of uploading data from one place to another seems not possible...this seems a retrograde step to me.