Classified Traffic Data Not Available?

  • Last Post 01 October 2018
interested posted this 27 September 2018

Hi, I'd like to get the classified data (ie number of 2 rigid axle HGVs, Buses (PSVs) etc) to use for traffic assessment required for pavement design to HD26/06. There seems to be no way to obtain this information on WebTRIS, but it's available on the DfT's Road Statistics website where the traffic counting points don't match the ones on here. Am I just being daft and looking in the wrong place? 


Hank posted this 01 October 2018

The DfT sensors are not the HE sensors, hence the names/locations don't match.

DfT use their sensor to count and classify the traffic. HE use their sensor to manage the network. Because of this the HE sensors only count vehicles by length, not classifying them by all the different things.

The other major difference is that the data on webtris is all actual counts, whereas the DfT data may be interpolated from nearby counting sites/one day observation etc.