Import into HAPMS

  • Last Post 22 November 2017
peterp posted this 22 November 2017

 Is it not possible to import the AADT split CV and non CV into the HAPMS.

Would this not be more efficient than someone labouriously taking each individual site data and entering it into each network section manually.

Paul Watkins posted this 22 November 2017

Hi Peter,

HAPMS is a physical record of our pavement whereas the NTIS network and their sites is used for an entirely different reason. Partly due to this it uses a separate network model than which HAPMS uses -- the two systems aren't linked.

Hopefully no one maps anything manually by hand... if people need to map the sites there's quite a few snapping solutions, or methods of mapping the NTIS network to HAPMS, depends what you're trying to do or the scale of the task.

When HAPMS is replaced it's entirely possible the IAM IS solution will provide such a mapping and may well publish said mapped data, but this isn't within the remit of WebTRIS or our team.

Thanks, Paul