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James_ posted this 03 July 2018


There are 3,176 sites (19%) that are currently missing a name, could you please provide them.

I would post a list of ids but unfortunately the content string of these posts are limited to 6000 characters.


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Paul Watkins posted this 09 July 2018


Had a quick look at this. Appears the ones that's I've been spot checking are older inactive sites for the most part and weren't included in the original NTIS mapping to source descriptions.

I'll take the issue away and try to find some time to resolve but we're very limited on resources right now so I'd imagine it won't be a quick fix. There are other higher priority fixes going in at the moment.

Thanks, Paul

Richard.King posted this 21 August 2018

Why has the Webtris website Map data not been updated since May 2018

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