MIDAS loops vs RADAR

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Hank posted this 27 September 2017

From previous FOI requests it is apparent that RADAR and induction loops behave differently.

Which one is more accurate (i.e. compared with an actual count)?

Given that there are discrepancies arise is it possible to have the RADAR and loops flagged differently not just as a single MIDAS category?


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Shaun Ryan-Izzard posted this 29 September 2017

At this time, there is no flag to determine the different counter types. I will raise this for future development

Hank posted this 05 October 2017

Is there any time scale for this?

Shaun Ryan-Izzard posted this 10 October 2017

At this point, we are still collecting possible options for future developments, so no time scale as yet. Please keep an eye on the forum, as we will update any information as we get it

Hank posted this 10 October 2018

Hello, any updates in the last 12-months?

Shaun Ryan-Izzard posted this 12 October 2018

As yet, I have received no updates. I will have a look into this again, and get back to you within a week (by the 18th October 2018)

Hank posted this 5 weeks ago

Hi Shaun, its now the 19th, why is the promised response lacking?

Shaun Ryan-Izzard posted this 4 weeks ago

I would like to apologies for not responding earlier, I was unfortunately on sick leave. I have still not received an update on this matter, and as such, I will look into this again. However, as this would require a change in the dataset behind WebTris, as well as discussions as to how the reference source is maintained, it is not something that can be resolved easily or quickly. As previously stated, it is on the list of future requirements for the tool, and will be attended to when resources permit. I can only ask for your patience in this matter.