Missing Data

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Hank posted this 20 September 2017

I've been looking at the MIDAS datasets on this website but they don't tally with the data available through https://www.midas-data.org.uk/ in particular, the midas website seems to have more counters and more historic data.

Is there a reason why these counters aren't being displayed? And when will the map be updated to include them?

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Shaun Ryan-Izzard posted this 29 September 2017

Please can you supply sites that appear on the Midas Dataset website that do not appear on the WebTRIS system. This can then be investigated to see why this might be an issue

Hank posted this 05 October 2017

I know that I can interrogate the site IDs through the api, could you let me know the best way to access a list of your sites held on the midas website?

Additionally, could you perform this reconciliation for the TAME and TMU sites?

Hank posted this 7 hours ago

Any chance of a response @Shaun Ryan-Izzard? 2 months for a simple query? Would it just be easier to raise this as a FOI?