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James posted this 08 September 2017


When will the map be updated to reflect the network model? It is out of data compared with the one provided through the subscriber services.



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Shaun Ryan-Izzard posted this 30 October 2017

The latest Model (version 7) is due be deployed into WebTris by the end of November

James_ posted this 01 December 2017

It doesn't appear that the long promised model update has gone ahead, why is this?

Paul Watkins posted this 04 December 2017

The update to v7.1 of the network model is currently going though the UAT process in our pre production environment. Hopefully it'll be deployed in December.

James_ posted this 15 December 2017

Having already missed the end of November timeline and now half-way through December, do we look on course for this to be updated for December, bearing in mind the holiday period that is fast approaching?

Paul Watkins posted this 21 December 2017

Hi James. The model passed UAT and is currently with our developers to implement into the platform. I've asked for an update on where this is and will post when I know more.

Paul Watkins posted this 08 January 2018

We're on version 7 now. :)


Hank posted this 23 January 2018

When will the next update be done?

How do these models track to the other network models that HE publish?

Paul Watkins posted this 25 January 2018

It's currently scheduled for April 2018 although there is some give and take on that from the map provider.

As for mapping between network model types... it's a persistent issue for any data analysts using a variety of sources. HAPMS and IAM IS are similar, and NTIS is similar to HAPMS and typically they're fairly close. Most difficulties lie around connectivity of junctions and where precisely links break on connection with other links (I.e, does the main carriageway link break at the lane 2 right edge of a slip, or the lane 1 left edge of the slip, etc), although it's fair to say each model will have its own flavour of mapping difficulties and those 3 are just 3 of many. Each model will have its own schedule for updates so versioning is often a overcomplicated issue. It's quite a large question

Hank posted this 25 May 2018

Did this go live in April?

Paul Watkins posted this 29 May 2018

Hi Hank,

Yes it went live at the end of April and it's currently progressing through the internal RIF database approval mechanism before it gets uploaded into webtris.


Hank posted this 2 weeks ago

Any update is this live?