Spam attack -- new forum policy

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admin posted this 12 November 2018

This has been posted on the main WebTRIS news site but also here for convenience.


Some users may have noticed we had a recent spam attack on the forum. A number of accounts were created and thousands of posts were added to the forum. As such we're changing the policy settings on the forum side of the site.

New Topics (aka, threads) will need to be approved by an admin member (this is live now).

New Posts will need to be approved also, although this is envisaged to be a short term change to be removed (this is live now).

New accounts will need to be approved by an admin member (this will be deployed shortly).

Regards, WebTRIS team.

Paul Watkins posted this 4 weeks ago

Approvals to posts/topics/accounts should be a regular occurrence, within a few days to begin with. Replying to approvals is obviously different to a post requiring some research and we don't currently want to 'hold' posts behind while we find a response.

This may change as we change the security deployment and monitor activity. We note that behind the scenes one further possible attack as been spotted and the account/IP banned.