When is new data added to the API?

  • Last Post 20 September 2018
luke posted this 20 September 2018


I want to build an app to automatically collect data from the API. 

I'd like to know when new data is added? Is it daily, weekly, monthly or at intermittent times?


Hank posted this 20 September 2018

The data is updated monthly. However, unlike in TRADS where the date of the upload was the 20th of each month, in webTRIS they don't bother with a fixed date and it will be any time without communication or explanation. This is a major step backwards.

The other problem is that webTRIS takes almost half a year to update the ntis model versions and only incorporates major version releases. However, if you take a feed from the ntis from trafficengland then you can see that there are minor updates to the network model which introduce new counters with a much higher frequency. If you were interested in that data you would have to wait for webtris to incorporate the next major update and fail to load it for 5/6 months due to "internal processes".