Service Interruption Notification

The WebTRIS service is currently expected to be interrupted from April 2024 due to necessary updates to its supporting infrastructure. The interruption is likely to last for around six months. You can still access and download historic data but there will be no new data uploads during this period. When the updates are complete we plan to upload the data collected in the interim to ensure continuity of data coverage.

If you wish to stay updated please enter your details on the following Microsoft Form:


Webtris rebranding update
The WebTRIS site has been updated to reflect the recent change of our name from Highways England to National Highways. The branding change includes:
WEBTRIS WEB Forum Decommisioned

You may have noticed the web forum has been decommissioned. This was done purely to assist consolidating our services into a single location. From this point onwards please contact us at the email address specified on the 'Contact Us' page.

WebTRIS Maintenance 18th & 19th March 2019

Work to refresh the WebTRIS Data for April 2015 will commence at 08:30 on Monday 18th March, the work is projected to have completed by 18:00 on Tuesday 19th March.  During this time any reports generated which contain April 2015 data may contain inconsistent or incorrect figures.  This refresh will populate WebTRIS with data that is currently missing for April 2015 as well as update any data that has been reprocessed for that time period.

Spam attack -- new forum policy

Some users may have noticed we had a recent spam attack on the forum. A number of accounts were created and thousands of posts were added to the forum. As such we're changing the policy settings on the forum side of the site.

New Topics (aka, threads) will need to be approved by an admin member (this is live now).

New Posts will need to be approved also, although this is envisaged to be a short term change to be removed (this is live now).

New accounts will need to be approved by an admin member (this will be deployed shortly).

Regards, WebTRIS team.

New Legacy Layer

An additional layer has been added to the WebTRIS data and will be available from 27/10/17. The data that has been added to WEBTRIS is data which was available in TRADS but was not originally in the WEBTRIS system.  This data falls into two categories:  Data for Measurement Sites that already exist in WEBTRIS but where no mapping exists between NTIS and TRADS, and data for sites which went offline before the NTIS switchover which were not present in TRADS at all.  The data for pre-existing sites in WEBTRIS has been added to the relevant site and will now be available when searching for pre April 2015 data for those sites.  The data for new Sites which did not already exist in WEBTRIS have been added to a new Layer called “Legacy”.  Data is only available pre April 2015 for these sites.

Reports of missing data

During development of WebTRIS Phase 2 it has been noticed that some sites appear to have missing data. Highways England and the WebTRIS development team are investigating this issue with a view to resolving during June 2017. Thank you for your patience whilst we investigate this issue. This issue is caused by not being able to map some of the old TRADS sites to the NTIS Measurement Sites.

WebTRIS Phase 2 Releases 9th March - June 2017

Sprints 1 & 2 - 9th March Release includes:

Sprints 3 & 4 - 24th March Release includes:

Sprints 5 & 6 - 6th April Release includes:

Sprint 7 - 20th April Release includes:

Final Phase 2 Release – 2nd June 2017 includes:


Data availability (All Sites)

WebTRIS has been loaded with the latest NTIS model (v5), any site where data does not exist, will signify that the site is offline or inactive for the date period in question, If there are any data concern's regarding these sites, Please get in touch using the contact details on the Contact Us page.